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Power MP3 WMA Converter Help - Convert files

Set configuration

Convert files into other format

Combine several audio files

To set configuration
You can set the Configuration of the target MP3, OGG and APE files.
1. For target MP3 files, click MP3 Encoding.... You can reset the samplerate on the ResampleRate combo box. And you can set the stereo mode and quality of the target files on StereoMode and Quality Preset combo box.
  You can set the Encoding Method as CBR (Constant Bitrate Encoding), VBR (Variety Bitrate Encoding), or ABR (Average Bitrate Encoding). For VBR Encoding Method, you can choose the VBR parameters of target files (Such as, VBR Method, VBR quality and Max VBR Bitrate). If you ticked off 'Write VBR Header', it will write the VBR header to the encoded MP3 files.
  1. Some ResampleRate is invalid while using variety or average bitrate encoding (VBR or ABR).
  2. For CBR encoding method, while samplerate is 8000, 11025 or 12000 Hz, you must select the target bitrate for converting no more than 64 kbps.
2. For target OGG files, you can set maximum or minimum bitrate by ticking off Set Maximum bitrate or Set Minimum bitrate on OGG Encoding Configuration dialogue box.
  These features should only be used when there is a requirement to limit bitrate in some way. Although the difference is usually slight, managed bitrate modes will always produce output inferior to VBR (given equal bitrate usage). Setting overly or impossibly tight bitrate namegement requirements can affect output quality dramatically for the worse.
3. For target APE files, you can select the compress level on APE Encoding Configuration dialogue box as Fast, Normal, High, Extra High or Insane.

To convert files into other format
You can convert the audio files into the other format with different bit rate. You can choose the target directory freely.
1. You can select the files you want to convert on the converter music list.
2. Change the target music format into WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG/APE as you expect by selecting on the target music type for converting button.
3. For MP3/WMA/OGG target files, you can change the bit rate of the audio files as you want by selecting on the target bitrate for converting button.
4. Choose the target directory for converted files by clicking button. In Search Directory dialog box, input the target Directory path that you want to save the converter files into. You can also locate the Directory with mouse
5. On the Convert menu, click Convert. You can also click button or use the shortcut key F5.
1. The default target directory is the same as the source files. When you convert the files between different formats, you should be careful to make sure that your original files are not overwritten.
  2. You can change only the bit rate of the files without changing its format. For example, you can convert the 192kbps MP3 file into 128kbps MP3 file.

To combine several audio files
You can convert several audio files into one file. You can choose the target file format, bit rate, and directory.
1. Select the files you want to combine into one file on the converter music list.
2. Select the target music type and bit rate for converting.
3. On the Convert menu, click Convert To One File.
4. Locate the target file and name the file. Then click Save.
For details, see Combine music files.

Advanced Feature:

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