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Power MP3 WMA Converter Help - Advanced Feature: CD Rip

To rip CD
You can rip your CDA music files from CD into your computer. You can choose the target files format as WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG or APE. And you can set the Configuration of the target MP3/OGG/APE files.
1. Click Rip CD on the File menu.
2. In Rip CD... dialog box, Choose CD Drive of your computer. The CDA files on the CD will be added into the converter list.
3. Select target music type, bit rate and directory for converting. You can set the Configuration of target MP3/OGG/APE files.
4. Convert the files.
For details, see CD ripping.
  You can also add CDA files from the CD drive into converter list by clicking Add file or Search Dir on the File menu.

Advanced Features:

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